Murielle Rabiller-Baudry received her Ph.D. in Material Science in 1990 at the
University of Rennes 1 (France). She is currently Full Professor of the University of
Rennes 1 where she mainly teaches analytical chemistry using separation
techniques. Prof.Rabiller-Baudry’s research lies at the interface of chemical
engineering, chemistry of materials and physico-chemical characterisations at
interfaces. For 29 years her research activities focus on the understanding of the
transfer mechanisms of charged proteins in ultrafiltration as well as the fouling,
cleaning and membrane ageing mastering in UF of fluids containing proteins. For 15
years she is also involved in the use of nanofiltration applied in organic solvent (OSN)
especially for separation of organometallic catalysed media of olefin transformation.
She published about 80 scientific papers and 4 book chapters on these topics.She is
the chair of the membrane group of “Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes”
since 2006. During the past 10 years she was the coordinator of 2 consecutive
projects dedicated to OSN in fine chemistry involving 5 academic laboratories and