Raja Ben Amar is currently working as full Professor in the chemical department of the Faculty of Science of Sfax, University of Sfax (Tunisia) and leading the Laboratory ‘Advanced Technologies for Environment and Smart cities’ She achieved her master degree in Chemical Engineering from Institut Polytechnique de Lorraine (France) and her PhD in chemical Engineering from Institut Polytechnique de Toulouse (France).

Her main research interests are wastewater treatment using hybrid processes, water desalination, development of new porous ceramic membranes from natural and hybrid materials. She has published more than 110 papers in ISI indexed journals, 5 book chapters and 4 patents. She is a reviewer for several scientific journals. She is currently, the vice President of the African Membrane Society, member of the UNESCO chair SIMEV (Science and membrane Technology applied to Environment) and member of the Tunisian Desalination Society. She has already acquired experience on the membrane separation processes,  water treatment processes, preparation of membranes based on natural materails by different methods, on membrane surface modification and membrane nanostructuration, photocatalytic membrane preparation for recalcitrant micropolluants removal. Pr. Raja Ben Amar has supervised to completion several masters (49 candidates) and doctoral candidates (25 PhD candidates). She has also mentored 4 postdoctoral fellows. Currently she supervises more than 10 postgraduate students in her areas of interest.

She is involved in many projects in the frame of cooperation programmes such as joint project with India ‘CSIR’  (India). Participation in joint projects with Morrocco and Algeria and currently, Participation on the European Project: PRIMA (Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Turkey and France)  ‘TRUST’ (2021-2024) and on European project on the  ERANETMED (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, France, Turkey) ‘SETPROPER’, 2016-2019. Principal Investigator for Franco –Tunisian project PHC-UTIQUE 20G1205, (université Paris est- Université de Lyon) (2020-2023). Principal Investigator for National project ‘PNRI’, funded by the Tunisian Ministry of Industry related to textile industry waste water treatment (2019-2021).

She is usually solicited to offer her expertise in this issue by companies working in different activities (textile, agrofood, chemistry…).